Today, the Romanian Court of Accounts celebrates 157 years since its establishment through a law promulgated by Alexandru Ioan Cuza in 1864, on a day with huge historical significance for Romanians : January 24th. Along with the Romanian society, the High Court of Accounts went through times of hardship, but also of renewal. It was a landmark in the good organization of public finances and became the main partner of the citizen in monitoring the spending of public money. The role of the Court of Accounts cannot increase in importance outside the relationship with the citizen. That is why we must conduct our activity according to the principles conceived by the founding parents of the supreme audit institution: independence, efficiency, transparency and dialogue. I believe that the work of each employee of this prestigious and respected institution is a valuable contribution to achieving the objectives we have assumed together towards the citizens. I thank all those who perform in the team of the Romanian Court of Accounts and I assure them of my total appreciation!

Happy Anniversary !