The mission of the Court of Accounts is to exercise the control over the establishing, administration and use of state and public sector financial resources, making available to Parliament, authorities, public institutions and taxpayers reports on their efficient use and administration, in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness .


The medium-term vision consists in assuming the role of a credible and honest partner for the audited entities, based on a professional, efficient and documented audit activity, having as final goal the spending of public funds in the interest of the citizen.


 • Developing professional capacity by promoting modern audit procedures;
• Increasing the capacity to adapt to changes in the external environment in which the Court of Accounts operates in order to improve the degree of implementation of the measures ordered and the formulated recommendations;
• Increasing the efficiency of resource use through efficient management.


• Independence
• Objectivity
• Professionalism
• Responsibility
• Integrity
• Transparency
• Efficiency