In 1864, the High Court of Accounts – Înalta Curte de Compturi –  was established. The first presidents of the Supreme Audit Institution had a decisive contribution to the identity of this independent body. Romalo, Grădișteanu or Lahovary are prominent figures in the history of the Romanian Court of Accounts and milestones in what the financial legislation or the accounting of the public system meant. Of the 17 former Presidents of the Court, 13 were licensed in Law. In its nearly 160 years of existence, the Court has undergone many changes: structure, activity or tasks. But independence has remained the absolute benchmark in the functioning of this institution. For me, the position of President of the Romanian Court of Accounts cannot be exercised outside this landmark. And the moral conduct, professionalism and values transmitted by the founding fathers are part of this function.

What do I know? I know public administration, which I have known at all stages and at all levels: city hall, ministry, government agency, government. This experience, training and law studies help me to think strategically, for the development of the supreme audit institution that will bring added value to the public system and relevant and positive changes in society.

What do I build? A responsible, committed team, capable of carefully and objectively monitoring how public money are managed. A quality audit, based on modern criteria of the profession and models of good practice at international level. An open dialogue with institutional partners, professional organizations, civil society and academic institutions. Last but not least, a transparent and active communication with the citizen.

What do I propose in my nine years in office? A Court of Accounts that will produce positive changes in Romanian communities and the citizen's most important partner in monitoring how public funds are spent. A supreme audit institution that is perfectly aligned with technological change and in a form that its founding fathers wanted from the beginning: independent and modern.

Curriculum Vitae