The Romanian Court of Accounts and the Turkish Court of Accounts signed on February 17, in Bucharest, respectively Ankara, an Agreement for Capacity Building in IT audit. The document is based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the two supreme audit institutions, inscribed on May 13, 2015. Through this agreement, the Romanian Court of Accounts aims to improve the institutional capacity of IT audit, compliance with international audit standards and with audit methodologies in information technology.

The Turkish Court of Accounts will share, with Romanian public external auditors, practical experience in the field, by providing detailed information on the theoretical context of IT audit, practical examples and checklists, as well as the structure of IT audit reports in accordance with international standards.

"As in any other field, the use of IT in business processes has become widespread. Indeed, the use of information technology facilitates economic life in all its aspects. Through the agreement signed today, we want to contribute to increasing the IT audit capacity of the Romanian Court of Accounts. As president of the Turkish Court of Accounts, I want to express my joy to be the partner of the Romanian supreme audit institution in this venture", stated Seyit Ahmet Baș, President of the Turkish Court of Accounts.

The Turkish Court of Accounts held the Presidency of EUROSAI (European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) in the regular term 2017-2020, as well as during the difficult period of the pandemic, up until the term will be taken over by the Czech Supreme Audit Institution, on April 14, 2021. In the world of supreme audit institutions, the Turkish Court of Accounts enjoys recognition for the efficient and innovative way in which electronic instruments were introduced in the conduct of digital events at the level of EUROSAI, under its leadership.

“The future of IT audit in the public sector has many opportunities, but they come with risks, both for the audited entities and for the Romanian Court of Accounts, because new technologies and data-based approaches are adopted. They can change the way the Romanian Court of Accounts will develop strategies in the field of IT audit, manage resources and invest in its own employees. We are happy to find a reliable partner in the Turkish Court of Accounts, with proven experience in this field, to provide us with the necessary support in order to achieve this strategic objective," stated Mihai Busuioc, President of the Romanian Court of Accounts. 

In view of the difficulties brought about by the COVID pandemic on international travel, the two sides agreed that the activities related to this agreement should be carried out remotely, at least in the initial phase, using videoconferencing tools.