The Romanian Court of Accounts officially launches the e-mail address, a communication tool dedicated to dialogue with citizens and civil society in order to propose topics that could be included in the Court of Accounts Activity Program by 2020.

The creation of this communication channel aims to engage in a meaningful and effective dialogue with the stakeholders in order to improve the role assumed by the Romanian Court of Account on the proper management of public resources for the interest of the citizen.

Through this initiative, the Romanian Court of Accounts seeks to continue the process started on strengthening accountability, institutional transparency in relation to citizens, as well as the integrity of government and public sector entities, principles assumed through ISSAI 12 and ISSAI 20 * standards issued by International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI).

Suggestions can be sent by e-mail to until October 5, 2019. These will be analyzed by the specialized structures in order to retain the aspects that fall within the competence of the Romanian Court of Accounts.


Additional information

*ISSAI 12- The Value and Benefits of the Supreme Audit Institutions – making a difference in the lives of citizens

ISSAI 20 - Principles on transparency and accountability


The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) is an autonomous, independent, apolitical and non-governmental organization, founded in 1953. One of the strategic objectives of this professional cooperation framework at international level is the development of unitary professional standards (Audit Standards, Standards Methodologies, Guides, Manuals, etc.) in the field of control and audit of public finances, through which to ensure a uniformity and harmonization of the way in which this activity is carried out throughout the world.

In its capacity as a member of INTOSAI and EUROSAI, the Romanian Court of Accounts is an integral part of the presented system, and the documents elaborated and approved within these high international professional forums are obviously applicable at national level. Thus, the Romanian Court of Accounts has been and is concerned both with the revision and updating of the existing norms, standards, regulations, guides and manuals, as well as with the elaboration of new control and audit methodologies in accordance with the latest international developments in this domain.