The President of the Romanian Court of Accounts, Mr. Mihai Busuioc, together with a delegation of the institution, participated, on September 24 – 28, 2019, to the XXIII Congress INTOSAI (INCOSAI), organized in Moscow by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

As information technology has contributed significantly in recent years to the modernization of the services provided to society in relation to the needs of its citizens, the two main themes of the Congress were “Information technology for the development of public administration” and “The role of the Supreme Audit Institutions in the achievement of national priorities and goals”.

On this occasion various topics of major interest were debated, such as the implementation of information technology, the development of new digital products, IT security, cloud technology, Big Data and artificial intelligence – all essential components for a more rational and efficient decision-making process within the activities of the Supreme Audit Institutions.

 “The new audit approaches regarding the support provided by SAIs to governments in achieving strategic objectives or in terms of Big Data audit through access to information and their accurate use, IT audit or the impact of the digital revolution on external public audit, all these, as well as other answers to the emerging problems facing the modern world, represent the benchmarks of an ambitious, but balanced path that the Supreme Audit Institutions have set out to pursue over the next three years." (Mihai Busuioc, President of the Romanian Court of Accounts).

The discussions within the Congress also focused on the macroeconomic context of the audit in terms of the global challenges that society is currently facing. Thus, in line with INTOSAIs mission of continuously developing the capacities of the Supreme Audit Institutions, an important point of the debates concerned the need for the strategic consolidation of the audit activities that will add value to the lives of citizens.

At the end of the debates, by the vote of the majority of the heads of delegations, the Moscow Declaration was adopted, establishing the principles regarding how each SAI, at national level, could relate to the public audit sector of technological evolution and developments in order to remain relevant at society level while responding to the needs of stakeholders and adding value.

"INTOSAI Congress meetings are a good opportunity for the global audit community to offer common solutions / responses, articulated and filtered by common experience for the benefit of all, as the INTOSAI slogan goes. We need to find where we are in relation to the world of international public audit, what we need to change, what we can learn from other Supreme Audit Institutions and where we can contribute with our professional experience.” (Mihai Busuioc, President of the Romanian Court of Accounts).

In the margins of the INTOSAI Congress[1], Mr. Mihai Busuioc, the President of the Romanian Court of Accounts, had a meeting with Mr. Gene Dodaro, the President of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). This event offered opportunities for bilateral cooperation between the two Supreme Audit Institutions identified in areas such as quality assurance, innovative techniques for drafting audit reports and providing expertise to develop new professional skills for auditors.

In addition to the context of developing and consolidating professional relations in the field of audit at European level, Mr. Mihai Busuioc, the President of the Romanian Court of Accounts, had bilateral discussions with Mr. Klaus-Heiner Lehne, the President of the European Court of Auditors, Mr. Vitor Manuel Caldeira, the President of the Court of Auditors of Portugal, Mr. Ivan Klesic, Auditor General of the Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia, and Mr. Karol Mitrik, the President of the Supreme Audit Office of the Republic of Slovakia. Moreover, topics related to the issue of the European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions were addressed with Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baș, the President of the Court of Accounts of Turkey, currently President of EUROSAI[2], but also issues regarding the area of ​​cooperation in the field of IT audit with Ms. Hu Zejun, Auditor General of the National Audit Office of the Peoples Republic of China, respectively with Mr. Choe Jaehyeong, Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection of the Republic of Korea.

Together with the President of the Romanian Court of Accounts, Ms. Marta Aurona Pelea, Councilor of Accounts, Ms. Manuela Ileana Pieleanu, Councilor of Accounts and Mr. Attila Dezsi, Councilor of Accounts were also part of the official delegation.

Photos from this meeting can be found on the website of the Romanian Court of Accounts, within the Media / Photo-Video Gallery section. To view them you can access the following link:

Attached, can be found the official English version of the Moscow Declaration, along with the Romanian translated version.