The President of the Romanian Court of Accounts, Mr. Mihai Busuioc, together with a delegation of the institution, paid an official visit to Bratislava between 21 and 23 October, at the invitation of his counterpart, Mr. Karol Mitrik, Chairman of the Supreme Audit Office of the       Slovak Republic.

In order to further develop the bilateral relations of institutional cooperation, the two senior officials addressed in the discussions topics of common interest regarding the organization and conduct of the activity of the Supreme Audit Institutions from Romania and Slovakia, the evaluation of the specific audit objectives and the analysis of the risks identified in the elaboration of the annual activity report.

In this context, one of the main topics addressed the need to modernize SAIs external public audit from the perspective of the implementation of progress in the IT&C field by connecting the audit activity to specific techniques and instruments, in order to develop new skills for auditors through training programs and self-teaching activity.

“In a society in a continuous process of modernization, it is necessary to align our institutions with the progress in the field of digitization. An efficient computer system can ensure the operability and traceability of the activity of the Supreme Audit Institutions in an objective approach, thus ensuring the accuracy of the verified data in audit missions and increasing of the quality of the reports transmitted to the Parliament and the civil society. In this regard, implementing an advanced computer system is an essential condition for ensuring the premises for the efficient functioning of the audit activity.” (Mihai Busuioc, President of the Romanian Court of Accounts).

In addition, an important point of discussions was to strengthen and increase the leadership role of the Supreme Audit Institutions for the benefit of society, as well as to promote efficient communication with the public opinion by elaborating audit reports in a comprehensible and straightforward language, accessible to the citizen as final beneficiary.

“We are in the process of completing the institutional development strategy for the period 2020-2024 and we intend to be a true partner for the Government and Parliament, to increase the quality of our reports and to introduce more activities in the field of performance audit. We want to be a modern and open SAI for the society” (Karol Mitrik, President of the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic)

In the official delegation, together with the President of the Romanian Court of Accounts were Mr. Aurel Dumitru, Counselor of Accounts, Mr. Ioan Hurjui, Counselor of Accounts, Mr. Miron Nica, Counselor of Accounts, Mr. Florin Cristian Cruceru, director of the Accounts Chamber of Caraș-Severin and Mr. Dragoș Budulac, director of the External Relations Department.